Eric de Lemos

project manager
  • x103
  • Skype: ericdelemos_rd2
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Eric de Lemos

Apple has been given tremendous kudos for its Customer Service over the years. Eric spent four years working at Apple as a Genius (we’re told he was one of the best in the southwest). Eric has an attention to detail that is second to none. If you ask him who his idol is he’ll tell you, “Steve Jobs.” We’re not completely sure but we think he has an imaginary Steve that sits on his shoulder and Eric spends his entire day trying to impress him. Steve would be impressed…

We did not hire Eric to fix our iPhones, trouble shoot our macs, or teach us about the best apps for our many devices. It just came in the door with him and he loves to coach us on all things Apple when he can. We hired Eric to help us improve our game in Customer Service. He shares an infectious enthusiasm for solving problems and for keeping our clients in the loop, on everything they need to know. Eric is part of our Project Management Team here at RD2.

Eric’s to-do lists have to-do lists. His email threads are all in order, and he takes notes on an iPad faster than any of us can take notes on a traditional keyboard. If we had to guess, Eric’s favorite store (besides Apple) would likely be The Container Store. Look for Eric on our blog where he will be tasked with sharing his notes on his favorite apps, tips, and tricks. Expect big things from Eric.