Patty Murphree

PMO Director
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  • Skype: pattymurphree
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Patty Murphree

When Patty started working at RD2, she helped to construct the strategy practice that RD2 still uses every day. She worked as a member of the Strategy team and helped to prove out and refine the process. Today, as a Director, Patty oversees that entire process. Patty heads up the PMO (Project Management Office) and makes sure that each client project has the right ingredients to deliver the countless successful projects that are on display in the RD2 portfolio.

The experience Patty has learned at RD2 is particularly helpful when it comes time to launch projects. It’s rare that any client would have a need when learning a new content management system that Patty could not resolve herself. She’s an expert in how CMS systems such as WordPress and Drupal manage and serve content. RD2 counts on her and her team to manage the front line so they can design and develop amazing results. Fielding and managing complex requests is her specialty.

Additionally, as the head of the PMO, Patty manages all resource allocation in real time. Each project has a plan and each plan has people assigned to it. Some plans have hundreds of items required to complete the goal. With a “Mind Like Water,” Patty keeps it all gracefully organized.

Patty is the opposite of an emotional roller coaster. She’s steady as the Rock of Gibraltar. But if you want to see Patty go a little nuts, just bring her a colorful notebook or start talking about food. She loves to add color to presentation and she’s a confirmed foodie. Patty has a healthy passion for cooking, we just wish she had more time to cook for us.

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