Fun With Stamps

Oct 23 2012

It’s funny how idle chatter and espresso can turn into real ideas. We thought it would be a good idea to take a great brand like Stackhouse, make a rubber stamp of their logo, and just start stamping stuff. Is that a wall over there? Stamp it. Are you using that mouse pad? Stamp it. You have something on your forehead … STAMPED.

Let’s see where this takes us and what becomes of it. Have fun and be creative...

Landed: Dumbo Feather

Oct 6 2012

It’s the little things. A couple of months ago I was in Sydney for the first time. Funny how certain things leave an impression on me. Of course I have my photos of the Opera House and the busy streets between there an my hotel. But two months later my memories are more of a collection of senses. Aromas, temperatures, and attitudes.

Andy introduced me to this independent magazine called Dumbo Feather. He had an extra copy that he gave me. The morning of my flight home I awoke early to visit a cafe for my last flat white...


Rusty Smith On RD2

Aug 30 2012

We have to think like we are a part of each others’ companies in order to innovate. With so many moving parts and user scenarios, it takes a tightly integrated set of teams and tremendous focus. Rusty Smith and the team at Tyler Technologies have become great partners through the years. We’re happy to see this new project rolling out. Look for more from Tyler Technologies on the CAD application in the near future!

Thanks Rusty for these great words...

My time at WordCamp San Francisco 2012

Aug 22 2012

WordCamps have been going on for years across the globe, but where did they start? San Francisco 2006! Every year since then, San Francisco has hosted WordPress users and developers from across the world. I’ve never been to WordCamp San Francisco, or WCSF for short, but this year I decided I just couldn’t let it pass me up again...

Honeymoon with the Sharks

Aug 17 2012

Cocos Island (), best known as the “Island of the Sharks”, is one of the most remote and beautiful islands in the world...

Google+: Start your conversation (Opinion)

Aug 8 2012

Google+ is a digital lifestyle management tool, not a social network. Its use cases are fundamentally different from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

I find myself having a specific conversation with my friends and family with increasing frequency: social media. It came up again two weekends ago when I was watching a time-shifted broadcast of some Olympic events (men’s gymnastics, women’s powerlifting, and men/women’s swimming), in part due to the amount of chatter on about various athletes and events...

Blog Southwest Celebrates the Olympics!

Jul 30 2012
The Olympic games have started… and Southwest Airlines is showing their Olympic spirit with a new theme on Blog Southwest! Be sure to check it out this evening to view the night theme.  

Everyone digs free stuff!

Jul 13 2012
Everyone digs free stuff!

We like our brand. A lot. We like to have fun with our brand. A lot. We like to make stuff with our brand whenever we can. Here are some cool wallpapers you can download and use on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device...