Grounded for Enhancements

Aug 24 2012

When you’re Southwest Airlines and you’re running one of the most recognized and awarded corporate blogs, you take your website performance and updates seriously. As the main portal for news and culture, Southwest wanted to make sure their users were getting the best experience from their website...

The MIX Mobile App Now Available on iOS and Android

Aug 15 2012

The Management Innovation eXchange (MIX) is an open innovation project aimed at reinventing management for the 21st century that is the brainchild of the world’s leading expert on business strategy, Gary Hamel...


Tracy Naftalis & Counsel Source – A 17 Year Journey

Aug 1 2012
Tracy Naftalis & Counsel Source – A 17 Year Journey

It’s not very often we have the opportunity to work with someone like . Tracy started her career as an attorney and had a successful decade long run as a practicing attorney. If you met Tracy, you would understand in a second why she left her career as an attorney to become a recruiter in her field. Tracy is masterful in the art of match-making in the arena where lawyers do business as lawyers. She knows the market, she knows the people, and she is not afraid to tell her candidates exactly what they need to hear. It’s her job to advise them to become the best possible lawyers they can be...


More Ways to Browse Dell Events!

Jul 18 2012

Yesterday, we launched several new enhancements to the Dell Event Community Site...



PowerbyProxi Puts On a Show

Jul 11 2012

Looking to highlight their new product offering and their recent product application success, PowerbyProxi asked RD2 to help create some new trade show graphics to travel with them to various events. While most people consider trade show graphics a great place to put hard to explain content, we believe in the three second rule

You have only three seconds to establish an emotional impression from the instant you engage your audience...


Putting a New Angle on the World of Cupcakes

Jul 10 2012

Never a fan of round holes and pegs, the founders of Cupcakes Cubed were looking to break the mold of the “gourmet cupcake craze.” Needing to find a company that wasn’t afraid to try something new, they contacted RD2 to help bring their vision to life. Besides the usual applications of letterhead and business cards, the new brand had to work for indoor and outdoor signage, stickers, seals for boxes, and various other specialty products.

Before beginning the project, it was quite clear that the client was quite focused on the color red as their primary palette base. It was also clear from their newly built store, that the brand was meant to be chic, modern, and while sweet, not girly...


Blog Southwest is All About the LUV

Jul 2 2012

You don’t have to look very hard to see all the love that comes from Southwest Airlines. From free bag check-ins for their Customers, to their work in the community, to their great Employee recognition programs, they are a company that always focuses on recognizing it’s Employees and it’s Customers as the invaluable assets that makes them a success...

One Big Responsive Family

Jun 27 2012
One Big Responsive Family

It’s a sign. A signal that something special is happening at RD2. Today we’re rolling out something for ourselves and that is altogether different for us. Typically we’re the last to get the good stuff, but this time it’s different. We wanted to be the test subject. This version of our website offers a glimpse of our new framework that we’ve been building as a WordPress add-on. Known in our industry as “Responsive Design,” this version of our website takes on a new design approach.

No matter what your website is all about, chances are if you look at your google analytics over the past few years you will notice new device types (mobile devices) are requesting content from your website...