The right employment strategy

Oct 21 2004

I come from a guerilla-style, one-man-army type of mindset where web development is concerned, and collaborating on building a web site, what is essentially a creative endeavor, is still growing on me as The Way to Do It. RD2 employs a strategy that recognizes the fact that people are more right-brained, or more left-brained, and very seldom will you find someone who is perfectly balanced. While it’s true that a person can handle both design tasks and information architecture tasks, we realize that a person is likely to be good at one and not so much at the other.

I wanted to be good at drawing, but I had to face the fact roundabout 7th grade that it simply wasn’t going to happen: the pen would refuse to translate my thoughts onto paper...

Me Like the Ronan Shoe

Oct 20 2004
I totally dig the Ronan Shoe. Wish they had one in RD2 colors. In any case, I will have a pair soon. Any color preferences anyone?

Too young for pizza?

Oct 14 2004

When I asked Bryan what I wanted for lunch, he replied “Pizza.” This sounded like a good plan to me, so I set about searching for a local pizza establishment. Pizza Hut is the closest, and I decided to check out their web site for my eating options.

In order to see the menu options, you must register on their site. I selected the new version of the registration form, as I was offered a choice between their new and old interfaces. I entered my information, clicked “Next”, and was greeted with the following error message:


The New Girl’s View of RD2

Oct 11 2004

When I first met the team at RD2, I was impressed not only by the work in their portfolio, but by the atmosphere they have created. It’s obvious in the way they talk about each other that every person here respects and admires the abilities of their co-workers. And they should. There is incredible talent here, and I’m excited that I get to be a part of the excellent work RD2 is doing.

What will I be doing here? Whatever I can. Be it wireframing a site to coding its HTML, wherever I can fit into the RD2 process, I will.

I’m also excited that I’m working for a company with a blog...


Using Unordered Lists for Semantic Navigation in IE

Sep 14 2004

If you’re getting started with semantic HTML coding, you’ve probably thought about using an unordered list (ul) for a list of navigation elements. Consider, for example, the navigation items on the left side of this page — they were created with just such a list (well, several consecutive list, in any case). And, it makes sense to code them that way since a group of links is fundamentally a list of related elements (which is the semantic definition of an unordered list).

There’s not much to it — or, there shouldn’t be. You’d probably start out by setting margin-left and padding-left to 0em on both the ul and the li elements with the list, in order to remove the margins and padding that browsers apply to unordered lists by default...

Using Image Replacement for Semantic Headers

Sep 3 2004

Image Replacement is becoming a more common technique in CSS development. Essentially, it allows image-based headers to appear normally in the HTML, just like a text-based header. So, instead of something like this:

Page header

… you can now have something like this:

Page header

The original idea was developed by Tood Fahrner and it came to be known as the Fahrner Image Replacement technique (FIR). He used display:none alongside a CSS-based background to hide the HTML text while displaying the appropriate image...

Metacritic on The Beastie Boys’ “To The 5 Boroughs”

Aug 22 2004

The other day, Chris was asking whether anyone had heard the new Beastie Boys album and whether it was any good. As it turns out, none of us had heard the full album, with the exception of the singles that have been getting radio play. So, I mentioned to Chris that Metacritic might be able to provide some insight.

Metacrtic, in case you hadn’t heard of it, is a review site for movies, music and video games...


Firefox is cool – safari bookmarks import easily

Aug 21 2004

I have recently started using the Firefox browser from Mozilla. I love it! It seems to be very compatible with everything that I do. What I especially like is the “type-find” feature. Well, I am not sure what they call it, but it works very well. For years I would find my self using the “find” feature to search for keywords on web pages. Now, with Firefox, I simply type and the key words or phrases are highlighted on the pages as I type. Very, very nice.

Now, there was one problem that I resolved today… I almost had to go back to Safari because I could not figure out how to easily import all of my bookmarks into Firefox from Safari...