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Jun 26 2008
What’s Business-Casual Attire? business casual attire RD2 — Research, Design, Develop RD2, Inc. website – RD2 is a design company focusing on building communities and conversations


Google launches television advertising service

May 1 2008

More evidence that Google is taking over the world: In addition to announcing plans to build an interactive map of Earth’s oceans, the Internet giant also unveiled Google TV Ads on the tried and trusted AdWords platform.

Google TV Ads allows advertisers to buy air time through an easy-to-use interface, selecting the desired networks, dayparts and programming to reach their target audience...



Rees Associates’ new site is built to last

Jan 8 2008

As you may have previously read on our blog, RD2 and Lucid have worked together in the past on everything from space plans (for our new space station going up in the third quarter) to some pretty exciting websites. For our latest endeavor together, Rene Gracia had been talking to Rees Associates about a complete website overhaul. Knowing it was going to be an interesting task, Rene called on RD2 for some ideas. It was late one evening, deep in the Landmark Center that Rene and I began discussing how to enhance Rees’ strategic online vision into a seamless execution of branding and technology...

RD2 is hiring!

Jan 7 2008

RD2 is hiring. Positions we are actively seeking:

FEC/ Web Developer Senior Designer Project Manager

RD2 is a small company doing big things. We are very interested in adding ambitious industry innovators to our hard working crew.

General qualifications we look for in our employees include those who are talented, fast learners, ambitious, team oriented, able to work under pressure, and have potential for growth.

Send resumes and examples of work (if applicable) to .


FEC/Web Developer

RD2 is interviewing smart, innovative people who excel in web standards-based front-end coding...

RD2 2007 numbers.

Jan 4 2008

117,238 visits to the RD2 blog 83 posts to the internal blog 20 sites launched 157 trips to Corner Bakery 41,403 hours logged 314 coffee filters used 1 broken chair 224 bike commutes to work 11 7:30 AM strategy team meetings 5 spots in the office Eric<...

Are Scissors in your Project Management Toolbox?

May 6 2007

There are plenty of tools to help you plan, budget, track, and otherwise mange projects. They range from heavy scheduling tools like Microsoft Project and OmniPlan, to communication and organization tools like Basecamp and Backpack, to generalized tools like Excel, to even things as simple as Post-its. On a large project I’m working on, we’ve used all of these in some form or another; and while they’ve been a help, they all share a common flaw...

RD2 Is Hiring

Mar 30 2007

We have been in business for around 40 months now. From a business point of view we have been careful about our growth. From a work standpoint, we have been aggressive. We have pushed the envelope in a number of ways and the quality of our work is very strong. We are proud of what we are doing here at RD2. Soon, we will be updating our portfolio and making posts about new brands, web sites and campaigns.

It is a bit uncharacteristic of me to use our blog as a method for recruiting, but I felt our blog would be an appropriate mechanism to let the community around us know that we are looking for talent. In the off-chance that any of you are potential future team members, we would like to get to know more about you. We don’t hire fast...

Chris Shipley’s Opening Remarks: DEMO 2007

Feb 4 2007

I so wanted to go to DEMO this year. Too much travel and too many things to do here in Dallas kept me away.  In watching the posts on Guidewireconnection, it did not make staying away any easier...