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Dec 3 2004

For some reason, my fellow team members here at RD2 seem to find it amusing to criticize the words that I use. It seems that they all think that they are so smart (and they usually are) about the English language, that they often make funny faces and noises while I am talking. This usually occurs when I use a word that may or may not be in Webster’s dictionary. Let’s just get this right out in the open. I fully realize that there are times that I get a little emotional when I am talking. Sometimes my arms start flapping around uncontrollably while I am speaking my own personal sign language to make a point. Then, for some reason, words start to come out that are not real words. According to my colleagues, they should not be used in the first place. I refuse to apologize for the words that I sometimes use. And, I think there are times when these words are so appropriate, that we should all use them. Now, some of the words escape me, but I will list just a few that I often use and explain them. **Some of these are not my words. While I cannot remember where they came from, they seem like words that I likely took from somewhere else.

Getshutofit: This word I heard on the movie “Glenn Gary Glenn Ross.” Al Pacino used this word when referring to a situation where you need to get something negative out of your life. “Getshutofit … shut it out!

Getfitofit: This word I extended from the word “Getshutofit.” I liked using “Getshutofit” so much that I used the derivative, “Getfitofit” as a way of articulating what I felt when I wanted to conquer something. The following are ways that I would use this word:

  • “With about 20 miles to go in the race, I was looking around at the idiots who wanted to beat me. I was tired of monkeying around so I just decided to getfitofit and attack. I left them all in my dust and came across the finish line, alone and in the lead.
  • “The proposal that I had to write was going to be a lot of work and would require hours of concentration. After putting it off all day long, I just had to getfitofit and crank it out.”
  • Heymanwhatsgoingon: This really is a word. When my friends call me, this is typically how I answer the phone. This word is best when said in a low and monotone voice. It does not have to be said fast or lound. It just flows out of the mouth. This could possibly be broken down into individual words, but they work much better when the spaces are taken out. None of my friends who know me, have a difficult time understanding this word.

    Coopetition: This word has arguably caused the most controversy in the office. I don’t know why Larry and Alex laugh so much when I use it. I think they just don’t get it. This word is most commonly used when someone or something competes in a cooperative way. This happens very often. One can see this in any of the following settings:


    I do not know where this word originated, but I do think it should be a word that is commonly accepted as a real word in the english language. It just works!

    I am sure there are more words than this, but I am tired and I still have a lot of work to do. If I can think of any more, I will post them. Plus, I am sure I will catch plenty of flack for this post at the office anyway.



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  1. Chris, you are truly a dork now. Those words are rubbish!

    By mel on December 15th, 2004 at 5:38 pm

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